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About Me

As for me, the nearness

of God is my good; I have

made the Lord GOD

my refuge, that I may

tell of all Your works.

Psalm 73:28


Who am I? Elizabeth Pinckney
Where am I from? Blacksburg, Virginia. Yes, I live at home. It's great. :)
Where am I going? Short term, Switzerland. Long term, who knows. Really long term, heaven. See John 3:16-17 :)
What do I like to eat? Cheese. Chocolate, pizza, those little cream puffs...
What am I studying? English, with Professional Writing as my concentration. I plan to minor in music and classical languages.
What do I listen to? Bebo Norman, Third Day, George Winston
What do I do for fun? Spend time with friends, bake, read, write
What's my favorite book? Pride and Prejudice. Or To Kill a Mockingbird. Or... The Prydain Chronicles. But that's a series.
What's my favorite verse? For now, Isaiah 40:11