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My heart overflows

with a good theme;

I address my verses

to the King...

Psalm 45:1


A Thought on Life

I have not the wisdom of sages,
I know not the heart of God.
I see not the depths of the waters,
I don’t know the names of the stars.

And yet, there is one thing I do know
From a sensitive place inside:
I know what it is to be human;
I feel what it is to live life.

A breeze through the leaves in the summer,
The smile in a baby’s eyes.
The sweet heart-weight of a memory,
The sting when I try not to cry.

Sunsets on memories, not film.
Songs after dark with guitars.
How can these things fly away?
Why can they slip through my fingers?

May I take joy in each moment.
May I memorize every smile on each face.
May I honor my God in the living
Of the life of this one of the race.